Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What about Other Forms of Life Happen?

Humans certainly not the only creatures on earth. There are thousands of other living things, which of whom you know and many do not you know. Some of the creatures around you, you see it everywhere. However, some are so far away that you could only see in books or movies. However, if you look closely all these creatures, you will see that all have one common trait. Can you guess whether it's characteristics? We could call it "fit". Now, let us mention the match with whether a living thing. They match:
- The environment in which they live,
- Other living creatures that live together with their
- The elements that maintain their properties
- The things that bring benefits to humans
Before discussing these, let us use a simple example to clarify the intention of "suitability". Think about the socket and plug (plug the power cord) in your home. Both match each other. But, why you can mention it to each other for each other? Because there are two holes in the wall socket for the end of the cable plugs can go. That's enough? The width of the two ends of the metal plugs should be equal to the width of two holes on the socket. If not, plug would never fit with the socket. The distance between the end plugs to the distance between two holes is the same socket. If not the same, the plug will never enter into a power outlet.
However, these traits alone are not sufficient to make the plug fit socket. If the plug is very long, then back again no match. If the holes are not made of metal plugs, electricity will not flow into the socket. If the plugs are not made of plastic, so when you hold it, you will be exposed to electric shock. Thus, the lack of compatibility in the tools that even the simplest cause the device can not work. This means that once also the case with people who create it plugs and sockets. And he created them mutually incompatible with each other. He made both can be used. Certainly not metal and plastic may be there by chance and both are planned separately and not all at once, because if so you will never find an outlet and a cable plugs which fit together with each other.
Compatibility of living things is far more complicated than a match with the plug socket cable, because living things are composed of thousands of system (the system here means: the workings of the body) and organs that had to be simultaneously in harmony and work together perfectly. If we write these systems we will fill a library with hundreds of books. Therefore, in the following pages we will briefly discuss the characteristics of perfect beings created by God:

- Living things fit with the environment in which they live
Every living being, on land or in water, fit perfectly with where he lives. That's how they were created. Various perfect system ensuring the availability of nutrients, protection, and proliferation of living things. That is, every living being designed according to the place of his life.
Organs and lifestyle living environment suited to the circumstances. For example, birds have wings that are perfect for flying in the sky. The fish have gills which were created specifically to breathe in water. If they have lungs like us, they will die.

- Living things fit with other living creatures that live with them
There are some birds and insects that help the plant breeding. That is, even if they do not realize it, they have helped the growth of plants. For example, when flying from one flower to another flower, beetles carry pollen attached. Thanks to this process, plants are able to breed. In some cases, the animals perform actions that are beneficial to other animals. Fish cleaning, for example, cleaning the animals a very small percentage of large fish skin, causing their lives to be healthy. This is another form of compatibility.

- Living things fit with the elements that maintain the natural balance
No living thing, other than humans, which disrupts the balance of nature. In fact, they are created with the properties that maintain balance. However, the balance of the earth is always threatened by stupid people. For example, if man hurt an animal without mercy, the animal will become extinct. Extinction of animals that cause the number of prey increased too much, who would endanger human life and nature itself. So, there is a natural balance in the creation of living beings. They are fully compatible with the balance of nature, but except for humans, they can cause destruction of the balance that has been precisely that.

- Living things fit with the things that are useful for human beings
For example, think about the many benefits of honey for you. How beetles know that you need the kind of food like that, and how they produce it? Can a chicken, cow, or sheep know the needs of human food and produce nutrients to meet these needs? Of course not.
Antarmakhluk stunning harmony of life is proof that a Creator had created them. This is thanks to a perfect creation by God, so that a balance is created on earth.